segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2013

Ashtar Sheran

Beloved friend Orion, the peace of the Almighty surrounds you at every moment of your life.

I am Ashtar Sheran, Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light and I am coming to point out the working guidelines for this group in particular, at this crucial moment of human history.

Stay tuned, because the reward to the ones that hope in peace and in the Light of the Creator is the eternal life in joy and abundance.

We know all the difficulties and doubts faced by our Lightworkers these days after the period of 21/12/2012. We have helped where possible in order you understand that this period of confusion is simply an intermediary between two states of being or we should say, it is a natural occurrence due to a transition from galactic periods.

Arise your faces and gaze into the horizon directly ahead of you. No obstacle should be enough to stop you this time. Look ahead always and proceed directly to the immediate goal that is the extraterrestrial Disclosure on your planet. Gaze ahead into the horizon without giving importance to details that arise around you, as you will be more successful in your tasks at this time.

I hold you in charge of your experience and formal request, made before your incarnation, showing your tasks to be performed from now.

Phillipp, Orion, Gabriel and Vanda, have the task of spreading our channellings to the world. They have also the task of assisting those who come asking questions. So be prepared, study the matter and integrate within a timeline in order to explain historical events and facts to all those who will be confused and lacking of information. It is your duty to bring the Light and calm to your brothers and sisters. It was for this reason that you came at this time to walk this Earth, it was for this reason that you volunteered to take a leading role in this unique moment of your history. The Heavens have assisted you with all the required tools to be constant, correct, honest and humble to perform this task so sublime. Jesus has said if you follow Him the rest will be added unto you therefore I say that you should follow in this task without deviating to the left or to the right, with no worries as the High Hierarchy assists you in glory and honor, providing your immediate needs in order you will be well rewarded Lightworkers in the path of the Father.

Gabriel, feel what we say to you now when reading this message and assimilate the information by following your heart in the best decision that your higher self tells you.

Phillipp, calm your mind and move on without looking aside, we are always with you, you will see how great is the love of our Heavenly Father.

Orion, be constant and do not grieve as your earthly obligations are mere details so we can work around in service to the Heavens. Everything will always the best way the Father can offer.

Vanda, our warrior behind the scenes, you have to accept certain life circumstances when a group must unite and work for the greater good of the humanity. All are One and no human being on Earth is different from another at the eyes of the Creator, be humble and joyful in this task that will mark the history of the galaxy.

Dear beloved, I will return soon with more information, that can come through anyone of you and even other channels not mentioned here. Remember to work as a team without distinguishing names and people. We all are one at work with to the Federation, so all are the Federation no matter our names and positions.

I am Ashtar Sheran and I say farewell wishing all the peace of the Creator upon you.

Go ahead brothers, the Master guide us.

Ashtar Sheran

Channeller: Orion

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